Sheikh Al-Buthy explained that the beauty of the love of a servant to his Lord is actually more than just the beauty that is perceived by the senses.

He gave his name to Al-Jamil (The Most Beautiful). So it is true to say, “Indeed Allah is beautiful and loves beauty.” The beauty of it is loved in all its aspects, both sensory and spiritual. The beauty of God that includes all forms of beauty.

The beauty of the flower is actually the beauty of God, for He who created keindahan.Jika one sees the beauty of the eyes and hearts, surely his sight until the substance that creates the beauty of it. His eyes to see the beauty of form and image, while the mind will dissolve in meditation to find the Most Beautiful Of the Creator of all beauty.

So, the human senses also has a role in the beauty of God. People who love God will love Him with the eyes and heart.

# Dikutip dari Al-Hubb fil-Qur’an wa Dawrul Hubb fil Hayatil Insan karya Al-Buthy


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